Jackson McKeehan
Menswear ’12

Every collection for my menswear line, Boyswear, starts with a funny idea. I recently read a new biography of Charles Manson by Jeff Guinn, and I found it wonderful how Guinn encapsulated the culture of the ’60s. The movie for The Sound of Music was made in the ’60s, too. It’s about World War II, but this hippie aesthetic of the ’60s keeps peeking through in the way the film was art-directed, like when they take those weird floral curtains and turn them into play clothes.
Boyswear’s spring/summer 2016 collection, The Manson Family Singers, mashes up those two concepts. It brings in a lot of colorful, print-heavy designs, using silhouettes from the Tyrolean costume, the traditional Austrian clothing depicted in The Sound of Music. The shape fits both men and women, so if a girl wants to wear it and look cool, I am all about that.
The floral prints are sickly and creepy and contain references to both sources; for example, in a print of goats eating trash, the goats reference The Sound of Music, and the trash references Garbage Dump, a song that Manson wrote, trying to become a rock star. There’s also a print of goats dancing in lederhosen in cult-like circles. By mixing things that shouldn’t belong together but sort of do, I wanted to create something odd and hopefully funny, something that people laugh at but also want to wear.

Boyswear, McKeehan’s emerging menswear brand, has been featured in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and WWD.