Robert Greene, Graphic Design ’01

Last summer, freelance makeup artist Robert Greene received an assignment email that seemed too good to be true. He was asked to do the body paint for Grace Jones, the Jamaican musician/actress/supermodel he has idolized since his FIT days, for her performances at the 2015 Afropunk festival in Brooklyn. A few days later, he found himself six inches from Jones herself, with just half an hour to paint her entire body. “If you show any hesitation or fear, someone of her caliber is going to sniff you out,” he says. He did a tribal twist on Keith Haring’s legendary collaboration with Jones and Robert Mapplethorpe, painting inch-thick stripes of white MAC Chromacake all over her skin. Although he has made up numerous celebrities—Iman, Emily Blunt, Taylor Swift, and Mariah Carey, to name a few—expressing himself on the skin of this artistic icon was a career high. “Maybe my whole life went toward preparing
me for that moment,” he says.

Featured Photo: Jones’s body paint glowed bright white under the bluish light of the stage.