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Carnivorous plants are a seductive subject for Matthew M. Kaelin, Fine Arts ’01, Textile/Surface Design ’99

These are plants with a dark beauty—fleshy and curvaceous, with spines that snag, mouths that gape. When an unsuspecting insect alights, it’s a horror show in miniature: the plant turns deadly, trapping and slowly digesting its tiny prey. No wonder Matthew M. Kaelin ’01, a carnivorous-plant aficionado, calls them “sinister.” But dramatic descriptions aside, they’re…

In an interdisciplinary course, students focus their cameras on New York’s natural environment

The New York area, one of the most urban environments on the planet, includes a range of areas where animals and plants survive—and sometimes thrive—despite the pollution, crowding, noise, and loss of natural habitat. Two FIT professors—marine mammal ecologist and SUNY Distinguished Service Professor Dr. Arthur Kopelman, who has studied whale and seal populations off…