Photography, ’10

The high-flying bike might be the most exciting element of this photograph—taken at the BMX Big Air event at ESPN’s Summer 2014 X Games in Austin, TX—but KAITLYN EGAN actually framed the shot to capture the GoPro logos at the top and bottom of the half-pipe, then waited for the bike to come into view. Egan shoots the logos, booths, and autograph signings for the sponsors of the games; the photographs are often used in the sponsors’ marketing and advertising materials and on social media. But it doesn’t hurt to include an athlete at the “peak” of a trick. She maxes out the sequence setting on her camera, snaps as many photos as she can while the athlete is in midair, and picks the best one. Sometimes getting a great shot puts her in harm’s way—but so far, she’s been lucky. “I’ve been hit with skateboards,” she says, “but I’ve never been injured.”

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