Winter 2017

Packaging Design ’12, Advertising Design ’91

Marvin Menke founded Hemel, a brand of affordably priced, military-inspired wristwatches. A graphic designer and lifelong timepiece aficionado, Menke used seed funding from a Kickstarter campaign to design and manufacture a collectible, state-of-the-art watch selling at $400, less than half of what the major brands charge for similar quality. Features include a movement (that is,…

Moti Ankari, Advertising and Marketing Communications ’14, Marcel Floruss, Fashion Merchandising Management ’14

Authentic, high-quality, and dapper describe Ankari Floruss, a new online men’s footwear brand inspiring the gent in all of us. Founders Moti Ankari and Marcel Floruss sought to create a direct-to-consumer business that provides high-octane design while educating its wearers on the grammar of elegance. Culling from his experiences as an associate fashion editor at…

Illustration ’16

Zachary Cavaluzzi put on an exhibition of eight “Tape Babes” at Lambs and Wolves, an edgy hair salon in Red Bank, NJ. He created the wild-haired bombshells with colored tape on wood or foam board, then sealed them with a fluid medium to make a traditionally fleeting art form permanent. He was inspired by the…