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Carnivorous plants are a seductive subject for Matthew M. Kaelin, Fine Arts ’01, Textile/Surface Design ’99

These are plants with a dark beauty—fleshy and curvaceous, with spines that snag, mouths that gape. When an unsuspecting insect alights, it’s a horror show in miniature: the plant turns deadly, trapping and slowly digesting its tiny prey. No wonder Matthew M. Kaelin ’01, a carnivorous-plant aficionado, calls them “sinister.” But dramatic descriptions aside, they’re…

Fine Arts ’99

MARK KNOERZER is under contract with the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in Chelsea to show his abstract, minimalist paintings, inspired by the landscapes and atmospheres of outer space. He has also exhibited at group shows in Brooklyn, and one of his light sculptures appeared prominently in Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie, released in 2012.

Fine Arts ’08

LUIS MARTIN is an artist and educator who specializes in painting, manipulated photographs, and collage. He is director of programming for Brooklyn Brush Studios, artist workspaces in Bushwick, and chief curator of Parenthesis Art Space, a gallery and gathering spot within the studios. Featured Image: Martin’s mural, Alchemy in Revolution, depicts the tumultuous birth of…