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Many members of New York’s Milliners Guild are FIT alumni. Hue asked noted photographer Amy Lombard ’12 to shoot a photo essay about them

Great hatmakers are the unicorns of the fashion world. Not just anyone can turn out a top-notch toque. Every master milliner is also, in some way, a genius. One warm summer evening, this formulation played out when members of the Milliners Guild and their pals came to City Lore, a small storefront space on First…

With Harlem’s Fashion Row, Brandice Henderson Daniel, International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries, helps designers of color break into a very white industry

The call went out early this summer for designers of color to apply for the chance to present their fashions gratis during New York Fashion Week in September. Who could turn that down? By simply applying, designers who likely could not get a Condé Nast editrix or an Italian blogger to return their DM, let…