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The Office

Bill Bouchey, Interior Design ’85, creates innovative workspaces Considering how much time people spend at their jobs, it’s surprising that workspace design doesn’t attract attention like its more glamorous residential cousin—and designers of work environments tend not to get big awards or their own TV shows. But Bill Bouchey, the design director of M Moser…

Fashion Design Student Wins LVMH Prize

Peter Do, Fashion Design ’14, winner of a CFDA scholarship, won a Graduates Prize in the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers, a new contest created to demonstrate the luxury house’s commitment to nurturing a new generation of designers.

Advertising Design ’77

PATT LACHKY BALDINO paints still lifes, landscapes, and commissioned portraits in oil. She loves Grand Central Terminal as a subject, because the dramatic lighting reminds her of the Old Masters. Her work is frequently on view at galleries in New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, and South Carolina.

Product Design: Textile ’78

SIBYLLE-MARIA PFAFFENBICHLER is a Philadelphia-based artist who loves creating the illusion of movement in her drawings and paintings. Her charcoal drawings of boogie-woogie dancers have shown in Vienna. She also uses the backs of long sheets of wallpaper as a canvas to paint a dancer’s gradual movements, frame by frame. “I so enjoy watching people…

Fashion Buying and Merchandise ’85

KAREN GLOEGGLER is senior technical designer for ladies’ swimwear at Sears/Kmart. Also an avid quilter and quilting teacher, she wrote a how-to book, Jane Austen Quilts Inspired by Her Novels, after designing an Austen-inspired quilt as a high school graduation gift for her niece. Gloeggler says that, in addition to being one of the most…

Advertising and Communications ’89

LORRAINE REYNOLDS creates spooky assemblages of found objects in the vein of Joseph Cornell’s boxes. Her recent work involves torn-up garments cocooning doll parts and other objects. “Originally I repurposed found objects because I didn’t have any money for art materials,” she says. By day she is senior technical designer at Lands’ End, and she…

Advertising and Communications ’89

DUANE THOMAS, ADVERTISING AND COMMUNICATIONS, a freelance art director, and Sharon Graham, Fashion Design, a freelance designer, own Carbon Bazaar, an e-marketplace featuring more than 20 lesser-known, eclectic African-American designers and artisans. The duo, who met at FIT, supplement the online business with pop-up shops in the New York City area to generate buzz and…

Graphic Design ’94

ROB NORMAN owns Planet Brooklyn Academy, a store that sells athletic apparel featuring his collegiate-style graphic designs, printed in his business partner’s factory in New Jersey. “Growing up in Brooklyn, it’s like a school of survival on the streets,” he explains. “That’s where the name came from.” His best seller so far is a sweatpant…


REEM HUSSEIN paints Arabic calligraphy and teaches art to children and adults. Her paintings are inspired by the way objects look when they age. She is also chair of the art department at the Knox School, a boarding school on Long Island, and she teaches online art courses for the University of Maryland University College.