Jun. 29, 2020

by Jonathan Vatner

The trippy rainbow painting below is part of a series Brian Wolbaum, Display and Exhibit Design ’94, created to play with perspective and add dimensionality to a flat canvas. Referencing the 3D look of architectural drawings, the painting reflects his precise, mathematical style and his love of bright color.

Perspective #4, acrylic on canvas, 40 by 40 inches, 2017

“Modern art can be very chaotic. My art tends to have a sense of order.”

Brian Wolbaum

In addition to painting, Wolbaum furnishes homes for H3K Designs, an interior design firm in Palm Springs, California, where he moved in 2010. His paintings often grace H3K’s clients’ homes; in fact, he started painting because he couldn’t find the right piece of art to hang in his bathroom. “It turned out that I had this ability to paint.”