“Expressing my work on physical notebook paper helps me think through each collection and tell a story. In the end, each page creates a feeling that carries through into the final garments.”
—Bridgette Schaeffer, Fashion Design ’24
Spiral-bound toned-tan sketchbook, 9 inches by 12 inches, fall 2022.

Fall 2022
“This notebook spread is a visual description of a sportswear clothing collection I designed. The school assignment was to combine a theme of our choosing with a sport. I connected skydiving and Halley’s Comet. With my precision knife, magazine images, and ink, I showed a skydiver taking off into outer space.”

Textured sketch paper notebook, 9 inches by 12 inches, fall 2023.

Fall 2023
“For my senior thesis collection, I sought to unravel the thought process of someone growing up with obsessive compulsive disorder. I used black ink, a precision knife, watercolor, and collaging techniques to show a theme of repetitive thinking.”