A selection of books published by faculty and alumni in 2016

Recent books by faculty and alumni run the gamut from children’s picture books to an analysis of the way globalization affects emerging markets.

April Calahan,
Fashion and Textile Studies: History, Theory, Museum Practice ’09, Special Collections associate

Fashion Plates: 150 Years of Style

Yale University Press

A comprehensive survey of 200 color plates from publications dating from 1778 to the early 20th century, all of them drawn from FIT’s Special Collections. Organized chronologically and featuring both men’s and women’s garments, these vignettes illustrate the evolution of fashion over time.

Molly Crabapple,
Illustration ’04

Drawing Blood


This graphic memoir details Crabapple’s coming-of-age and coming into her own as a political artist, illustrating Occupy Wall Street and prisoners at the Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp.

Yoko Ohara,
Fashion Buying and Merchandising ’67

Fashion Business: Future Is Now

Senken newspaper

Ohara’s analysis of Japan’s fashion industry emphasizes the role of women.

Amy Lombard,
Photography ’12


Self-published, with assistance from VSCO’s Artist Initiative program

In her gritty, sardonic style, photographer Lombard documents in-person meet-ups of online communities, like the Harry Potter fan club and devotees of juggling.

Charles George Esperanza,
Illustration ’10

Red, Yellow, Blue (and a Dash of White, Too!)

Sky Pony Press/SkyHorse Publishing

A kid with a cool Afro and his elephant friend create an imaginary world that soon gets chaotic. This picture book teaches about primary and secondary colors, but it also inspires readers to get messy and creative.

Kerri Maniscalco,
Communication Design ’04

Stalking Jack the Ripper

Jimmy Patterson/Little, Brown & Company

Against her father’s wishes and society’s expectations, Audrey Rose Wadsworth slips away to her uncle’s laboratory to study the gruesome practice of forensic medicine in this New York Times number one bestseller, written for young adults.

Amy Kurzweil,
Adjunct instructor, English and Communication Studies

Flying Couch

Black Balloon Publishing/Catapult

In this illustrated memoir, Kurzweil weaves her own coming-of-age as a young Jewish artist into the narrative of her mother, a psychologist, and her grandmother, a World War II survivor who escaped from the Warsaw Ghetto by disguising herself as a gentile.

K. Meira Goldberg,
Adjunct instructor, Film, Media, and Performing Arts (editor, with Antoni Pizà)

The Global Reach of the Fandango in Music, Song, and Dance: Spaniards, Indians, Africans and Gypsies

Cambridge Scholars Publishing

From flamenco’s roots in European courtly dances to its African tracings to its embodiment of Spain’s lost Empire to contemporary voices of rebellion and change, this groundbreaking book offers fresh perspectives on age-old themes and suggests new paradigms for flamenco as a cultural practice.

Ken Krug,
Adjunct assistant professor, Textile/Surface Design

No, Silly!

Beach Lane Books/Simon & Schuster

Would you like to sleep on a cookie or eat a book? No, Silly! embraces a toddler’s exploration of childhood activities.

Anita Rundles,
Illustration ’13

Classic Coloring: Jane Austen

Abrams Noterie/Abrams

In this adult coloring book, line drawings of iconic scenes and witticisms from Jane Austen’s works are printed on single-sided, heavy paper stock suitable for colored pencils, watercolors, and markers.

Julia Jacquette,
Assistant professor, Fine Arts

Playground of My Mind

Delmonico Books/Prestel

In her graphic memoir, Jacquette revisits and reconstructs the playgrounds that marked her childhood and have stayed with her ever since.

Liz Starin,
MA Illustration ’09


Farrar, Straus and Giroux

In this charming picture book, Ursula, a sweet white bear, hopes to win the upcoming water ballet championship, but the pool adopts a “no bears” policy. Starin’s sly tale has a message of tolerance and inclusiveness.

Sylvie Covey,
Adjunct Instructor, Fine Arts

Modern Printmaking: A Guide to Traditional and Digital Techniques

Watson-Guptill/Penguin Random House

This book examines the history and contemporary processes of relief, intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, mixed media, digital transfers, and post-digital graphics. It features step-by-step examples with representative works and profiles of 30 top print-
making artists.

Emily Brickel Edelson,
Fashion Merchandising Management ’07

Sketch & Go: 5-Minute Fashion Illustration

Race Point Publishing

Edelson’s book teaches basic fashion illustration skills and practical techniques for “live fashion sketching.” The book includes 500 pre-printed model templates. The sketchpad pages are designed so that they can be photocopied without the templates, leaving just the sketch.

Emre Ozsoz,
Associate Professor, Social Sciences (with Erick W. Rengifo, Fordham University)

Understanding Dollarization: Causes and Impact of Partial Dollarization on Developing and Emerging Markets

De Gruyter Oldenbourg

This book examines the history and contemporary processes of relief, intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, mixed media, digital transfers, and post-digital graphics. It features step-by-step examples with representative works and profiles of 30 top print-making artists.

Matthew M. Kaelin,
Textile/Surface Design ’01, Fine Arts ’99

The Sinister Beauty of Carnivorous Plants


A serious student of these unusual plants, Kaelin reveals them through his gorgeous, close-up photographs, which use chiaroscuro to create drama, depth, and mystery. See featured story and photos.

Mark Goldblatt,
Professor and Chair, Educational Skills

Right Tool for the Job: A Memoir of Manly Concerns

Liberty Island

Manhood today is under siege, Goldblatt says. Right Tool for the Job is a comic account of one man’s struggle to honor his testosterone heritage, with varying results.

William D’Arienzo,
Continuing and Professional Studies Brand Management

Brand Management Strategies: Luxury and Mass Markets

Fairchild Books/Bloomsbury Publishing

Underpinned by the author’s experience as a professor and brand consultant, this book details the steps to develop, build, and sustain a successful brand strategy and business.