Jeffrey Ampratwum was studying to become a dentist when he switched gears to fashion styling. “A little Louis Vuitton angel tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Do you really want to do this?’

After taking Continuing and Professional Studies courses in Fashion Styling at FIT and assisting established stylists like Joseph DeAcetis, Fashion Merchandising Management ’09, and Sadia Seymour, Fashion Design ’92, Ampratwum now does personal shopping and image consulting, directs fashion editorials and brand campaigns, and teaches Menswear Styling at FIT.

Celebrity clients include Tua Tagovailoa, quarterback for the Miami Dolphins; and R&B singer/songwriter Ryan Leslie. In 2023, he self-published Menswear Style Guide: New York City, and he serves as brand ambassador for an ongoing collaboration between Dapper Dan and the Gap. He also keeps one foot in the dentistry world as fashion director of Incisal Edge magazine’s 40 Under 40 top dentists in America coverage. Each year, he styles the honored dentists for the magazine shoot.

“A little Louis Vuitton angel tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Do you really want to do this?’”
—Jeffrey Ampratwum
Alum Ouigi Theodore, Jeffrey Ampratwum, and Dapper Dan at an event celebrating Dapper Dan’s collaboration with GAP.

Here, Ampratwum shares some of the biggest fashion mistakes he sees, for both men and women.

1. Casual bottoms. People used to working from home and attending Zoom meetings might forget what they’re wearing from the waist down, he says. “I like to call it laptop luxury. Once they step outside, they’re getting their look all wrong.”

2. Color overload. A pop of color can elevate a look, but too much can be very loud. “If you’re doing a blush cheek and a glossy red lip, and you add a bright bag, that’s going to scream ‘pop art,’ and most women don’t know they’re doing it.” For clients who love bright hues, he recommends different colors for the shoe and the handbag.

3. Tight clothes. “If you are unsure of your size, always go one size larger. What we’re seeing is people who haven’t let go of their favorite clothing item, and they’re busting out of it.” Also, he says that men’s jacket sleeves should reveal exactly half an inch of the dress shirt. “If your jacket is too small, the sleeve is going to recede, and that’s no bueno. James Bond never did that!” —Jonathan Vatner