Jun. 26, 2023
A glimpse into gender diversity on campus

This portfolio celebrates the exuberant explosion of gender expression we’ve been seeing on campus. FIT has often been a refuge for students to explore their identities and experiment with their gender presentation. Anyone who’s been paying attention has noticed a certain freedom and adventurousness in students’ dress, and we wanted to show some of what’s going on around West 27th Street lately.

That seems simple, but it wasn’t. Even at FIT, gender identity can be a sensitive topic. We didn’t want to choose the students who would appear in this feature; we wanted to put the idea out there and have them come to us. We hired three students—Koîos Glasscock, Mafu Galarza, and Peshi Kendall —from FIT’s LGBTQ+ Alliance as consultants to help shape the story, promote the project to fellow students, and interview the participants. Nonbinary alum Kayden Michael Strauss, Photography ’21, shot the portfolio.

Eight photographs couldn’t possibly capture the diversity of gender expression at FIT, but they offer a glimpse of 10 students, just being themselves.


Photographer Kayden Michael Strauss, Photography ’21.

KAYDEN MICHAEL STRAUSS (they/them), Photography ’21, is a lens-based artist who has worked with Elle Mexico, W, Paper, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Kenneth Cole. Photography allows Kayden to explore what connects them to their subjects, rather than what separates them.