Textile/Surface Design ’15

Kibiso silk, linen, polyester thread, and novelty stainless steel yarns (left) and polyester thread and cotton/paper yarns (right), 5.8 inches by 8.3 inches, January–November 2023.
Fique, silk, and cypress/cotton blended yarns (left) and novelty eyelash, polyester thread, and linen yarns (right) on Muji kraft-cover notebook, 5.8 inches by 8.3 inches, December 2022–January 2023.

“These very personal ‘woven sketches’ are hand-woven on a lap loom using a variety of found yarns and materials. My sketchbook is a space where I allow myself to freely develop ideas without them ever feeling too precious or limited to technical restrictions.”

Piazza is a designer for Cowtan & Tout, which produces high-end textiles for home furnishings.