Track Changes

Kish1Lakisha “Kilo Kish” Robinson
Textile/Surface Design ’12

When I’m looking at visual art, I often like the pre-drawing or the underpainting more than the actual painting. But when you listen to music, you only hear the finished product—there’s no in-between. I always want to know how the artist got there. That searching and working your way through something is really beautiful to me.

I wanted my last album, K+, to be about the process of making an album. I wanted to highlight all the screw ups and all the drafting that go into making a completed body of work. I saved email  correspondence with my management and Skype conversations with friends and all the feedback on my songs. When I was writing lyrics, I incorporated some of those conversations. Also, in most of the songs, the original demo track that I made in my bedroom is tucked under in the final recording. If you listen closely, you can hear all these little mistakes from along the way. They’re super soft, but they’re still in the track.

Kilo Kish is a rapper/singer, who is currently serving as the Editor at Large of Vice’s The Creators Project