Direct and Interactive Marketing ’14

What cool projects have you worked on this year?

For a class in direct marketing communications, we had to invent a potential business. I came up with a website that was a combination of an online dating site and LinkedIn. A lot of times, work habits match but personalities clash; on my site, employers could review resumes but also see a potential employee’s personality, hobbies, and work habits. Last semester, for a class in direct response and media planning, I created a product called a Shrink-A-Mabob-It.

Um, what?
You know how, when you get to the bottom of the ice cream carton, there’s always a little bit left in this huge container? My 12-year-old brother had this idea for a container that shrinks and expands, like an accordion. I turned that into my project and targeted it to mothers who are packing school lunches and young professionals who could carry water in it. I also developed a toothpaste-toothbrush combo called Push ’N Brush.

I want one! So what’s a typical hot topic in your major?
We spent so many hours discussing why Ron Johnson failed as CEO of J.C. Penney. The key thing to learn is to always test the market. He just did away with coupons. He said, “We didn’t do market testing when I was at Apple!” The customers didn’t like it.

Your internship sounds pretty amazing.
I got interested in my major because I wanted to apply business skills at a charitable organization or nonprofit. This foundation is corporate philanthropy and fashion all in one. They provide women entrepreneurs who are just starting out with access to low-cost loans and networking and mentoring events. I help make sure the events run smoothly.

You grew up in Long Beach, California. Will you be going home after graduation?
I am absolutely one hundred percent staying in New York City. In between high school and college, I lived in Israel for a year. I worked for a family bakery in Jerusalem and a fashion designer in Tel Aviv, and I loved every minute of it. I could’ve gone to UCLA; I got in. But the moment you land in New York, the moment you take that gorgeous jaunt through Central Park, you know. There’s just something about it.