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Lorraine Tanyu Weinstein, Textile/Surface Design ’04, updates tradition at Lee Jofa

Handwork meets technology in the creations of Lorraine Weinstein ’04. As senior woven stylist for Lee Jofa, a leading luxury home furnishings company founded in 1823, Weinstein translates the work of fine artists, designers, and tastemakers into wallpapers, upholstery, drapery, and carpeting. These collaborations are “very involved, a lot of sending things back and forth,”…

Carnivorous plants are a seductive subject for Matthew M. Kaelin, Fine Arts ’01, Textile/Surface Design ’99

These are plants with a dark beauty—fleshy and curvaceous, with spines that snag, mouths that gape. When an unsuspecting insect alights, it’s a horror show in miniature: the plant turns deadly, trapping and slowly digesting its tiny prey. No wonder Matthew M. Kaelin ’01, a carnivorous-plant aficionado, calls them “sinister.” But dramatic descriptions aside, they’re…

Textile/ Surface Design ’92

Margaret Dudley Ashby is a former Lutheran pastor who came out of retirement in November 2015 to become rector at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at Lake James in Morganton, NC. She says the work of delivering sermons and comforting the afflicted is related to her previous job as head of consumer products design at Glenoit…