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Keith Kirkland, Accessories Design ’10, created a vibrating wristband that guides the blind

On November 5, a blind man named Simon Wheatcroft will run the New York City Marathon without a guide. He will be aided in this feat by the Wayband, a wearable navigation device that uses haptic feedback—touch—to communicate directions to the blind and visually impaired. Whenever Wheatcroft needs to turn, a complex but intuitive array of vibrations will tell him when…

Thanks to Megan Manco ‘16, your phone will know when you’ve had too much sun

Beach towel? Check. Sunscreen? Check. High-tech sunburn-monitoring patch? It’s here. As a clinical research scientist at L’Oréal, Megan Manco, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management MPS ’16, co-created My UV Patch, a sticker applied to the skin that measures the total UVA and UVB rays coming in, then sends a message to a linked smartphone recommending that the…