Feb. 14, 2020

A moment of silence, please, for that deceased institution known as Ye Olde College Yearbook. Social media, among other forces, has pretty much ended that once-perennial annual. FIT’s yearbook, Portfolio, met its end in 2014. Though we occasionally detect a hankering for some unifying record (hence the various FIT alumni Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts like @fashiontech_in_ da_90s), no one seems to miss it much. In every college’s history, there’s an official narrative, and then there’s what really went down. The yearbook straddled these categories:

Sanctioned like a formal portrait, it could also be as casual as a snapshot. The Hue team scoured the 70-year run of Portfolio and assembled a collection of moments that we found … revealing. We wanted images that marked an instant in time (the Classical Listeners Club, 1966); captured an iconic style (the Soul Club, 1992); or just made us go, “WTF?” (the mysterious Last Supper image, which ran without a caption in 1974). We included what we knew, which was usually not much, and often nothing. Know more? Drop us a line at [email protected]!