Textile/Surface Design ’13

“It’s a yarn tab book, which is increasingly hard to find!” 9 inches by 11.5 inches, 2022–present.

“This is a ‘yarn bank’ or palette of yarn. It’s how textile mills catalog what SKUs/colors they have in each silhouette of yarn. ‘8/2 cotton’ would have its own palette or yarn bank, as would ‘1450 cotton chenille,’ et cetera. This yarn bank is special to me because it’s constantly growing. Each project requires its own shades, and I now get to make them as I need; traditional yarn banks are ‘set’ and you might get 2,000 pounds of a shade, so you have to love it! I get to make 1 pound or 1,000 pounds, so it’s much more spontaneous and much less like handcuffs to one tone.”

Now an independent fiber artist, Storms worked for several textile firms including Sunbury.