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Textile Design ’69

Deborah Feinstein Bigeleisen became a painter in 1998 after 18 years of running a company that gave European textile designers full-time representation in the U.S. Her hyper-realistic depictions of flowers, mostly roses, gardenias, and lisianthus, are painted in her signature palette of eight colors, using the layered glazing techniques of the Dutch masters. Her particular…

Textile Design ’49

Ethel Gall Baenisch retired in 1997 from a 40-year career as an occupational therapist. She freelanced as a textile designer for a few years out of FIT, picking up jobs for Original Designs, Luxite Silk Company, Kopp Textiles, Finn Fabrics, and Stafford Fabrics. She also designed ties for Harry Rubin, which she liked most because…

Textile Design ’78

CINDY AVROCH paints and sculpts in her studio in Long Island City. Texture unifies her work, whether it’s oil paintings, plaster-and-bronze statues, or encaustic creations. She worked as a textile designer and art director for 22 years but left the industry 15 years ago to raise her son. Featured Image: The Happy Couple, plaster with…