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Thanks to Megan Manco ‘16, your phone will know when you’ve had too much sun

Beach towel? Check. Sunscreen? Check. High-tech sunburn-monitoring patch? It’s here. As a clinical research scientist at L’Oréal, Megan Manco, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management MPS ’16, co-created My UV Patch, a sticker applied to the skin that measures the total UVA and UVB rays coming in, then sends a message to a linked smartphone recommending that the…

Roger Cabello ’85 slathers, dollops, swirls, and dabs cosmetics into abstract masterpieces

My shrink once told me, ‘I don’t know if you’re going to be a painter or a photographer,’” Roger Cabello says. “Now I make abstract paintings and photograph them.” He’s a painter, all right, but his medium is makeup. The Peruvian-born Photography grad has made a career of shooting all kinds of cosmetics—foundation, lip gloss,…