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Fashion Business Management ’27

Madison, Grace, and Kacie Lacadie. Photo by Smiljana Peros.

HUE: You’re identical triplets. How do people tell you apart?

MADISON: Once people get to know us, they can tell by our 
personalities. But also from how we dress and wear our hair. A lot of people ask us if our mom dressed us alike, and the answer is just, “No.”

HUE: Why did you all decide to study at FIT?

KACIE: We spend 99% of our time together, but growing up, we were seeking something that expressed our individuality. Fashion did that for us.

MADISON: We’ve had this dream to go to FIT together since our sophomore year in high school. We work best together. We push each other.

HUE: Are you rooming together?

MADISON: We wanted to be in a triple room but they didn’t have that, so Kacie and I have a double room, and Grace lives across the hall with a roommate.

KACIE: We drew names out of a hat. I’ve always been lucky.

HUE: What do you want to do with your degrees?

MADISON: We want to go into wardrobe styling for movies. We are really passionate about films, and in high school we worked backstage styling costumes for school productions.

KACIE: You tell a character’s story through how they dress. We’re all interested in storytelling.

GRACE: And we know how important clothing is for a character because we use it to express ourselves.

HUE: How would you describe your style?

GRACE: Classic with a twist. I really like basic pieces.

MADISON: I am very chic, and I like a little glamour.

KACIE: I’m more sporty.

HUE: Would you all try to get hired as a group? Do you envision yourselves working together at some point?

MADISON: Obviously, if we get separate jobs, we’ll be individuals and work by ourselves. But it would be a dream to work together.

In this 90-second video, the Lacadies talk about how fashion helped them define their individual personalities, and how New York City, the college community, and thrifting provide inspiration.